Urban Farm Updates, May 31st, 2018

Urban Farm Updates, May 31st, 2018

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? One Hornworm can destroy an entire tomato plant in just 24 hours! Yikes!! Check your plants regularly for these ugly pests to and keep them under control throughout the season.

What’s Growing On?

The water is slowly receding.

Have you all been enjoying the waterfall from the sky, this past week? I hope that you were all able to have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, despite all of the rain and stormy weather. There has been standing water all throughout the farm, for most of the week; after receiving nearly 9 inches of rain this week. There are still puddles all throughout the farm today. Hopefully some of this morning sun will burn off some of the remaining water (at the cost of having high humidity). Thankfully most of my plants have survived the deluge, including my tomatoes and peppers, which are no worse for wear; considering all that has happened.

Some of the Pomegranate flowers are opening!

My Perennials are plugging along, as well, with my Pomegranates producing a grand total of 17 flowers/buds at the moment, the first of which have opened up despite all of the rain. The first Persimmon tree which flowered several weeks ago has fruit that is growing larger by the day; and the second Persimmon tree is starting to produce flower buds. I am sure that they will abort most of their fruit before it has a chance to ripen in the fall, however, it is still exciting and thrilling to see the little buds forming and the fruit taking shape a little more each day. These perennials have long been a part of the long term plan, so to see them start to come to fruition has been extraordinaire.  One of my fig trees is also starting to produce little fig buds; as with the Persimmons and Pomegranates, I am not sure how many of them will stay on the tree and produce ripe, viable fruit, but it is amazing to see these little trees growing up and starting to produce their fruit.

My Beans are starting to climb.

My pole beans are certainly taking full advantage of the livestock fencing that we installed as a trellis, down the middle of the row. It has become a daily task, training and redirecting all of the pole bean tendrils, to encourage the beans to grab a hold of the metal wires and climb upward, instead of out into the walkways. I am excited about this summers bean crop, and hoping that it stops raining quite so heavy, for quite a little while, to give our crops some time to recover and all of the local streams some time to crawl back into their stream banks.

Cat’s cherry tomato is outgrowing the raised bed already!

Cat’s cherry tomato in the raised bed at the back of the farm, has been taking full advantage of the excellent drainage from the bed, and has been growing like a weed. It has quickly overtaken its’ designated area in the bed, and has started creeping outside the perimeter and on top of its’ pepper neighbors. The tomato, while unwieldy and all together massive, has already produced a large quantity of flowers and small fruit. I will have to create a horizontal trellis off of the side of the raised bed, to accommodate the wild growth of this single tomato plant. Unfortunately, it is also an Indeterminate, so this is only the beginning of its’ rampage across the Urban Farm.

Thank you all for reading the blog again this week! I look forward to sharing more adventures and changes with you again next week! Feel free to email me with any questions or comments that you may have (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org). Have a most wonderful weekend!