Urban Farm Updates, March 8th, 2018

Urban Farm Updates, March 8th, 2018

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? Freshly picked apples will float in water, because they contain 25% air. After they have been harvested the air in their cells starts to seep out, leaving them more dense and less buoyant.

What’s Growing On?

Yes, it seems that winter has indeed returned to the Urban Farm! We’ve gotten a couple of decent frosts over the last several nights, and I expect that pattern to continue over the next several weeks. Winter is still trying to hold on to the end! It has been so utterly delightful to see the sun return, and to watch the ground start to dry out a little bit, after all of the recent rain, throughout the month of February! We doubled our usual volume of rain for the very short month of February, this year, and the farmers are certainly feeling it.

On a very Rainy Tuesday, Cat, Luke and myself made quick work of weeding and adding fresh plastic mulching to some of my outside rows in preparation for spring transplanting. The weeds are already coming back with a vengeance, so we have been putting in extra effort to keep them at bay and prepare all of the beds and walkways for spring. We are installing the traditional white plastic on most of the rows, to help keep the soil cool and weed free this spring, while a few of the beds are being made over with red plastic as a trial run for my tomatoes and peppers. I am going to experiment this summer with the red plastic under my tomatoes and peppers, and see how they fair with the darker plastic over the summer time. We will also be installing trellising along several of my linear rows to help keep some produce off the ground and at a more manageable harvesting height. I will be trellising my tomatoes, pole beans and cucumbers, as well as training my melons up the front fence in my raised beds. I will be trying out a few different melon slings this summer, to keep the melons supported throughout the summer time, as they are trained up the fence. This will be an experiment to see which method support works the best and how easy it is to use chain link fence to trellis and train different varieties of melons.

This upcoming Saturday marks 6 weeks until the Pergola will be installed and the Hillside Garden will be created; and I could not be more excited! This winter has positively flown by, and I am beyond excited for all of the improvements and changes that are happening on the farm this year! We are working with some local schools to pioneer our school farm tour program this summer and fall; and we are excited to get this farming year off on the right foot! I am looking forward to sharing all of the changes with you all as they happen, and I will share more Urban Farm Adventures with you next week! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org). Thanks! Talk to you again next week!