Urban Farm Updates, June 7th, 2018

Urban Farm Updates, June 7th, 2018

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? Sweet Potatoes and Yams are NOT the same thing! Sweet Potatoes grow as root nodules underground, like a traditional potato. Yams grow above ground, like a fruit, hanging off the vine. Sweet Potatoes are botanically in the Morning Glory family, while Yams are more closely related to Lilies. Nutritionally speaking, Sweet Potatoes are the healthier option; they are lower in calories, have a lower glycemic index, contain more beta-carotene and Vitamin C, and a higher in antioxidants than Yams.

What’s Growing On?

Green Beans are starting to appear!

Things are coming along on the Urban Farm, the summer crops are growing and I’ve already had to clip up my tomatoes several times, to keep them from trailing out into the walkways. Keeping all of the plants up off the ground and on their trellises helps to protect the fruit and increase production, while also making it easier to harvest and keep the walkways clear. My Green beans, on the trellis have climbed up the support without any issues and with very little direction on my part! It is incredible to watch them reaching out with their little tendrils and grabbing a hold of the fencing without any help; somehow they know where the support system is, and they reach for it!

The freshly weeded raised beds look wonderful!

Luke and I went through and weeded the two front raised beds yesterday, which needed to be weeded badly, despite a thorough weeding just 2 weeks earlier. It is incredible after a little bit of rain, how quickly the weeds encroach back in on the garden. We then had to go back through the raised beds and start training the melons (Honeydew, Cantaloupe and some heirloom melons) up along the fence. I am excited to see how well the melons perform, being trained up along the chain link fence at the front of the farm. Already my Honeydew melons are covered in blossoms, as reliable as ever; and I am excited to see them start to form little melons! The bees are buzzing like crazy all around the melon vines, so I am confident that we will get good pollination!

Waiting for a good rain to clean off the shade cloth…..

We also put up the Greenhouse shade cloth, and now I am waiting for a good rain to come along, to clean the cloth off. A lot of dirt got picked up by the cloth on the way up and over the Greenhouse, which looks like quite the fashion statement at the moment; however, it needed to go up and it is a lot easier to install, when the cloth is dry, as opposed to wet. Last year, before letting the shade cloth back down, I attached two ropes to either corner of the shade cloth, so when it is let down, the ropes drape over the top of the Greenhouse, and it makes it much easier to install the cloth again in the spring. That has certainly proven to be true, and as long as the shade cloth is dry, it can be taken down and put back up by just one person!

As the warm weather settles in, I hope that you all are able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather!! I hope that you all have a most wonderful weekend! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org)!