Urban Farm Updates, January 4th, 2018

Urban Farm Updates, January 4th, 2018

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? Tomatoes are technically a fruit, but they are legally defined as a vegetable in the United States. In the 1983 Supreme Court ‘Nix vs Hedden’ ruling, the decision to legally consider the tomato a vegetable, was made under the pretense that “because Tomatoes are traditionally used in savory dishes”, therefore they should be taxed and sold as a vegetable rather than a fruit. Interesting how much dust tomatoes stirred up that there is a Supreme Court ruling about their status!

What’s Growing On?

Ice build up makes for slick going.

It is cold out there…… That pretty much sums up this week in South Carolina’s history! This is the type of bone chilling, damp cold that you would expect from New England, or even the mid-west, but not the Deep South!! When I returned to the farm Wednesday morning, there was a thick layer of slick ice across the entire entrance to the farm! It was a far cry from the sunny Florida beach, where I rang in the New Year! The ground at the farm is frozen right now, so very little work will get done outside, this week. Even beneath their warm frost blankets, my crops are unhappy about the recent turn of events in the weather systems.



A burst water spigot had made for one monumental mess.

The most recent mercury plunge did some damage to the outside irrigation system to the Urban Farm, cracking the spigot heads when the temperature dropped into single digits overnight. That is the reality of farming, you can prepare and take precautions, but in the end, it will be what it will be. Unusually wet or cold temperatures can wipe out a crop, damage equipment and cause lost time on the job; but as farmers, you come back swinging. I am praying right now for all of the farmers across the eastern seaboard, that their crops and equipment make it through this cold front safely, and that there is little residual damage from this unusual weather.

Outside, even my crops under their frost blankets, are not happy.

My crops in the Greenhouse are the only things blissfully unaware of the extremely unfriendly weather outside, right now. Fortunately, as with any cold streak, it will come to and end and spring itself is right around the corner. I am confident that this brutal start to the year will not set the pace for the rest of the year! We are determined, here, to make 2018 a great year for all of those that we connect with and impact in our local community!