Urban Farm Updates, February 8th, 2018

Urban Farm Updates, February 8th, 2018

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? Spinach is high in Niacin, Zinc, Calcium, B6 and Iron, among many other vitamins and minerals. However, for quite some time people thought that Spinach contained far more iron than it really does! In 1870, a German Scientist was studying the nutritional values of Spinach, and he accidentally misplaced the decimal point during his research. It took nearly 70 years for anyone to notice and correct the error. Oops!

What’s Growing On?

My fruiting trees are starting to arrive.

A lot! There are a lot of changes going on at the Urban Farm this winter/spring season; including the latest which includes the first of my fruiting trees which have started arriving! I have used 3 different nurseries to supply my fruiting trees, depending upon where I could find certain varieties, prices, and of course reviews. My orders from “PlantMeGreen” and “Fast-Growing-Trees” arrived yesterday amidst all of the downpours, and after a very much anticipated unboxing, they were found to be in excellent condition despite their travels through the mail. I am still waiting on a shipment from Stark Bros., which I have been informed, should arrive some time around the end of next week. I can’t wait to share these plants with you all as they arrive and we assess their condition. In the first batch to arrive, I received 2 Persimmon trees, 2 Hardy Fig Trees and 3 hardy Pomegranate trees.

Preparing the berm for our fruiting trees.

All of the trees that I received in this batch were potted; however I did order several different varieties from Stark Bros, some of which are bare root and some of which are potted. It will be interested to see how well they all do, and to compare the experience with these 3 different nurseries. The 3 nurseries are all top rated online fruit tree retailers, who pay great attention to detail and all promise a replacement guarantee if any of the trees do not survive their transplanting. We have the berm just about ready to go; the trees will be planted and then covered with a nice layer of mulch around them to help prevent weeds and retain moisture. It is going to be really neat to finally see the perennials in place and to have that berm serving its’ intended purpose.




Creating a level site to start building up our walk through arbor.

Along one side of the farm we are steadily reclaiming portions of the farm that we thought we were going lose due to the Butterfly Creek Project; including one area that will provide a new home to a walk-through arbor. We cleared and leveled an area, where we are pounding in t posts to support the cattle panels; once all of the panels are in place, we will back fill the walkway with mulch, and the growing zones will be filled with Atlas Organics compost, before being planted with several varieties of Raspberry and Goji Berries. I am trying out several types of Raspberry which are supposed to thrive in the Deep South, as an experiment to see how well they hold up and how well the berries do, during the summertime. It will be really neat to have the arbor set up, where children and adults alike can walk through a growing canopy, during the summertime. I will continue to add photos as we make progress on this 16.5 foot long “living tunnel”.

Onion sprouts are coming up nicely despite all of the soggy soil.

The farm is coming along this winter, making progress and changes while the weather is still cool, and before the rush of the spring/summer begins. Outside, I still have Spinach, Kale, Arugula, as well Snap Pea and Onion sprouts growing; despite all of the soggy weather we have had over the past several months. Yesterdays rainfall dumped over 3 inches of rain in roughly 24 hours, leaving the farm and much of the surrounding area under water for the remainder of the day. I am still amazed however, every time that it rains heavily down here, just how quickly all of the water does drain away. Just yesterday afternoon, there was 4+ inches of standing water throughout the entire farm, as well as much of the surrounding landscape; and almost as quickly as it came, it receded, leaving several inches of mud in its’ place.

As always, I look forward to sharing more adventures from the Urban Farm with you again next week! If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email me (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org)! Have a most wonderful weekend, everyone!!