Urban Farm Updates, February 22nd, 2018

Urban Farm Updates, February 22nd, 2018

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? A strawberry is not a true berry, but a Banana is?! Crazy!

What’s Growing On?

Cold Hardy Kiwi

It has been a really fun (and wet) week on the farm this past week! The rest of our fruit trees and berries arrived this week; so we worked like mad to prepare all of the holes and bins for the plants, before the weekend. I have already been able to introduce the new Garden perennials to over half a dozen people, in the very brief time that they have been planted on the farm. Many of these changes are 2 years in the making; a vision that I have had for the farm since I first came here, finally starting to come to fruition. A lot has changed on the Urban Farm in 2 years, and I hope that it will continue to grow, change and improve throughout the next several years! So many improvements, so little time! We entered into a Work Study agreement with Wofford College, we have improved utilities and irrigation on the farm, we have weed management systems in place, we have pest management systems in place, we have fruit trees and berries now, we have trellising materials, we have some frost protection mechanisms, and the list goes on!

Fruit trees starting to bud

Now, speaking of the new perennials at the Urban Farm, I have to say, my all time favorites so far have to be the Kiwi and Pomegranate! The kiwi plant already looks so cool and it will be so awesome to see them grow and to train them up and over the Arbor! The Pomegranates will also be really neat to grow, and I can’t wait to watch them leaf out this spring! Speaking of leafing out, two of my 3 Pomegranate saplings already have several red buds opening up! One started with a few buds swelling late last week, followed by the buds on the second sapling swelling early this week. I think that the last one will start having red buds emerging by early next week. One of my little fig saplings has also produces buds and even one tiny little leaf. I am not to happy that they are budding so early, since we will most likely still have at least a couple more frosts or temps in the 30s; however, there is little that I can do about it, but watch and see.


Marking the Pergola site

I also spent some time today getting everything organized for the pergola that the Mary Black Foundation generous sponsored, and that Spartanburg Water has so graciously agreed to help us put up. It was quite the task trying to get all of the 4 corners to match up and make the entire thing plumb, with just one person. I wish that I had worn my pedometer today; I can’t even begin to think about how many times I walked back and forth between the 4 corners; moving the stakes, remeasuring, checking and double checking all of the sides and at a diagonal. However, it is complete and I am so glad that that portion is complete, however. And I knew that that random “Caution Tape” would come in handy some day!! This is one less thing to worry about as we enter into the late winter/spring season.

Seedless Grapes

Things will really begin to speed up here on the farm as we enter into March and April, with the change over of the seasons and all of the new educational classroom development; I am so glad to be able to work out some pieces ahead of time. It will make everything a lot less stressful and overwhelming in the long run. The Grape plants that will go at all of the posts around the Pergola have already arrived and have been transplanted into a larger bins, until the Pergola is completed. They will transplanted into the ground and trained up and over the pergola for easy trellising, and they will also provide additional shade during the summer months. We have several different varieties of both Green, Red and Black grapes, all of which are seedless varieties. The varieties were all selected for vigor, production, pest/disease resistance and overall condition tolerance.

As always, I look forward to sharing more of the Urban Farm adventures with you again next week! Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org)! Thanks so much!!! Have a wonderful weekend!