Urban Farm Updates February 16th, 2017

Urban Farm Updates February 16th, 2017

Fun on the Farm

Did you know? Soybeans are used for more than just food? Soybeans are an important ingredient in the production of crayons! One acre of soybeans can make 82,368 crayons! Soybean oil is also used to run the hydraulic elevators in the Statue of Liberty! Pretty cool, huh?!!

What’s Growing on Around Here?

I am starting to bring all of the cold crops outside, and planting them in the ground, under low tunnels. It is starting to look like spring around here!

I am starting to bring all of the cold crops outside, planting them in the ground, under low tunnels. It is starting to look like spring around here!

What a week it has been! With lots of hard work, and the help of my phenomenal coworkers here, I have gotten most of the outside bed space prepped and planted! Caroline Sexton, our Executive Director got her hands in the dirt on Monday afternoon; together, we prepared one of my front beds, laid a plastic weed barrier, and then planted Bok Choi! The wonderful and amazing, Jamie Gibson, our ever-determined SNAP Champion, put in some hard workout on the farm on Tuesday, helping me to prepare another bed and get some Collards in the ground! It is finally starting to look like spring outside!

My Greenhouse plants are doing well, in fact, this week alone I have transplanted all of my tomatoes, kumquats, cucumbers, dill, basil, cilantro and creeping thyme into larger pots! Some produce from here at the farm may be showing up on a dinner plate near you, before the month is out!!

It has been great being able to work on things in the Greenhouse, since it was so windy yesterday! Everything outside gets a little more challenging on those super windy days! I was tempted to try my hand at Paragliding, for the first time yesterday, as I endeavored to lay more plastic sheeting over 3 of my outside rows! At the last moment, the wind thought better of it, and put me back on the ground! There is always an adventure to be found here!

I have also been preparing for the open farm hours this Saturday, and for the beginner Gardening class which I will host from 10am to 11am, I hope to see you there!! Feel free to shoot my an email if you are interested in dropping in for the class, it is just $5.00 per person, and that covers the class, handouts and materials! We will be going over the necessary maintenance and care of greenhouse, discussing microgreens (what they are, how to grow them and what to do with them), and then finally we will be venturing outside to review cold crop winter planting… We will be popping some Kohlrabi in the ground, while students will learn about how to care for their own seedlings, how to select seedlings from the nursery, and how to take care of rootbound seedlings. Without fail, we always seem to get at least one extremely rootbound plant from some big box store almost every year, so this is helpful information for helping those plants to succeed! Hold on a second, what is a rootbound plant, you ask? Well, you’ll have to come to the class to find out! Sorry……..

Memorable Mentions

I just want to send a shout out to everyone who helped me out this week, by donating time or materials! Thank you to Caroline and Jamie, for investing time and energy in helping me to get compost laid on some of the outside beds and getting plants in the ground! (I promise I will have photos of the progress for ya’ll next week)! And a most special thank you to Mr. Robert Jackson, Jackson Farms II, for donating all of the plastic sheeting that I am using out on the farm! That is such a God send, and is going to help me keep ahead of the weeds!

Thank you all so much for reading this, and I look forward to sharing more of my misadventures and successes with you next week!

Please feel free to email me, if you have any questions, comments or if you want to register for the class on Saturday!