Urban Farm Updates, February 15th, 2018

Urban Farm Updates, February 15th, 2018

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? Honey is the only insect-created product that we use as food, that has therapeutic, medicinal, nutritional and cosmetic value!

What’s Growing On!

Planting my Fruit Trees and waiting for the monsoon season to end.

Lots of changes going on on the farm these days. My fruit trees have started arriving, as you might have seen in last week’s blog, and I am still waiting on a few more plants to come in. The fruit trees that arrived last week have all been planted and so far seem to be adjusting to their new space quite well. The trees are all set up on the berm, and are mulched quite well to prevent them from becoming water logged, or from drying out too much! The one good thing about all of the cloudy/rainy weather, is that is works to my transplants advantage, but not shocking them with sun exposure, or drying them out during their first few weeks in the ground.

Fruit trees taking up residence!

There is still a gap on the berm right now, where I will plant some Columnar Apple trees, hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow. We will plant the trees and then mulch the remaining portion of the berm, to retain moisture and help to cut back on weeds this spring. All of the fruit trees that I am putting out are naturally bushing, or have been grafted onto dwarf root-stock, so they will stay fairly compact.  I don’t want any of the trees on the farm getting too large and shading out any other plants, or becoming unwieldy to harvest and prune each year; and buying dwarf or semi-dwarf trees helps to keep them compact without heavily pruning them each winter.




“Berry Cool” Tunnel

Cat and Luke helped last week to level a portion of the property on the left side of the farm, which I talked about in last week’s blog. This week, we went in and pounded in 16 T-posts, added 4 cattle panels, mulch and compost to the mix and created a super awesome walk-through growing tunnel. The tunnel is tall enough that an adult will be able to walk through the tunnel with the plants growing up without feeling claustrophobic, and the tunnel is wide enough to wheel a wheelbarrow through without a problem. We will planting and training several different types of berries up and over the tunnel, which will create a wonderful shaded tunnel, during the summer time. The Cattle panels are strong enough to support the weight of the plants, while training the fruit into a fully accessible area for harvesting. I can’t wait to plant all of the berries on either side and start training them up the panels. I have a feel this will be a neat feature to the farm that kids will fall in love with!

My natural Pest Preventors are back in the area.

Another friend who came to check out our work this week, is the Red Shouldered Hawk pair, that have moved back into the area now that the Butterfly Creek Project is complete. The pair have settled back into a tree on the other side of the bridge from the farm, but within ideal geography to keep all of my rodent and vermin populations at a minimum. The hawks have been enjoying all of the warm weather recently, and have been incredibly active, flying in and settling on the fencing, the Arbor and the shed roof, this week.

I hope that you had a wonderful week, and as always, I look forward to sharing more Urban Farm adventures with you again next week! Please feel free to send me an email, with any questions or comments you may have (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org)! Thanks so much!