Urban Farm Updates, December 28th, 2017

Urban Farm Updates, December 28th, 2017

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? Out of the top 25 recognized Superfruits, more than half of them can be found at the Saturday Market and on our Mobile Market, throughout the growing season; including Raspberries, Bluebarries, Apples, Grapes, Plums, Strawberries and Tomatoes. Fresh, local, delicious, inexpensive and oh so good for you, too! Can’t beat that!

What’s Growing On?

Clearing away the debris at the Urban Farm.

It feels like Christmas break has just begun, and yet here it is, time for another blog post already! I had a wonderful time off on my, much needed, Christmas break, and I hope that you all did as well! There farm survived just fine, unattended over the weekend, thanks to the automatic watering system and some cloudy/rainy weather over the last several days. Cloudy, cooler weather helps my plants to grow more slowly, and therefore reduces their water consumption; that, combined with the reduction in evaporation and cooler soil temperatures enables my plants to survive for longer between waterings. Hannah, our Mobile Market Manager was sweet enough to bring the truck down to the farm while I was gone, and haul away some of the debris that has been hanging around on the farm for several years. There was everything from wood debris to broken plastic tubs throughout the farm when I began, and it is slowly being removed, truck load by truck load. Thank you, Hannah! You are a rock star!

Weeds are still going strong..

I was amazed at how much the weeds have popped up,, between the rows and in the rows, just in the amount of time I have been gone. Never let anyone tell you that weeds don’t grow in the winter time in the South, or that weeds die off in the winter time in the South! They do slow down, but let me tell you, they are definitely still a hassle! Over the last several weeks, I have worked to try and pull up and cut down all of the weeds from the walkways between the rows, and the way the farm looks today, it is kind of hard to tell, there has been so much weed growth in the last week.

Onions are sprouting

My onions and snap peas have sprouted and are all doing really well! Unfortunately, when I come back from New Years, I am going to have a lot of weeding to do all along the onion row to remove the competitive weeds. I always weed the onion rows right before planting, and then I wait until all of the onion slips have sprouted before I weed again. Weeding before the onion slips have all sprouted means that you don’t know where exactly all of the slips are, and you can easily displace them or turn them on their heads before they are poking above the ground; this means that you can get irregular sprouting or germination, or that you can get plant clumping which impacts growth. Weeding after they are all sprouted means that you can weed around each of them, and while it might mean that the weeds are a little bigger, the job ends of being easier in the long run.

I will be taking an ‘end of the year’ vacation for the rest of the week, so next weeks blog (yes! it will go up as planned) may just be a little short, due to the decreased amount of time spent on the farm this week. I will however, do my best to share with you all some of our end of 2017 data and discoveries on the farm, from this past year! It has been quite the year, full of challenges and excitement! Here’s to another great year for 2018!

As always, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to email me (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org)! Have a most wonderful New Years!!!!