Urban Farm Updates, August 3rd 2017

Urban Farm Updates, August 3rd 2017

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know, an apple can help you wake up in the morning just as much as a cup of coffee?! It’s true! Instead of caffeine, an apple contains roughly 13 grams of natural sugars. These sugars are processed similarly to caffeine and can help to wake up, and stay awake!

What’s Growing On?

New compost in the second tumbler.

This past week I had to open up another compost tumbler and start filling it with kitchen scraps and plant waste from the farm. In just another month or two the compost from the first tumbler should be ready to be used out on the farm! It is hard to believe how quickly the time is passing and how much progress has been made in these tumblers, since we transitioned from the open composting format. I LOVE my tumblers and am so grateful to be able to use this new system to compost. It is so much faster, neater and more efficient than the open, bin composting system!

I spent last Friday morning getting some material prep done while I waited for the brand new truck cap to be installed on our Mobile Market truck. This new truck cap will help us to secure our mobile market materials, keep them dry and out of the elements which in turn will make them last longer and prevent our poor Mobile Market Manager, Hannah Heacox, from having to handle wet, dirty gear all of the time! So happy to finally have a Leer truck cap on our F-350; the paint matches perfectly, and the team at the Spartanburg Leer dealership couldn’t have been more helpful! The crew down there is awesome!

The Coast 2 Coast group after a farm tour!

Well, what a wonderful, memorable, dizzying day it has been, today! I am so glad that I had today to anchor my workweek, since I got a wonderful visit from some awesome students at the Coast 2 Coast summer camp! C2C brought 37 wonderful students to the Urban Farm today for a farm tour and fun activities! They listened to some fun, summer watermelon stories, went on a farm tour, discovered Okra growing at the farm, participated in a planting activity and then ate lunch together under the pavilion. All in all it was an incredible morning and a wonderful way to sum up the week! These kids were well-behaved, they asked loads of good questions and were such a great group of kiddos! I would have them back again any time!

The kids helped me to find all of my “lucky” stones that fairies spread all around the farm and they found and recognized many cool vegetables along the way! The older kids helped the younger kids to find my magic rocks and the kiddos worked together as a team to find, identify and draw okra, and other plants and insects they found throughout the farm! I had such a good time with them this morning, I can only hope that they felt the same way and that maybe, just maybe, a few of them might want to become farmers one day! We need a new generation of young people and kids interested in farming and raising livestock, and perhaps these little ones are going to take on that mission!

Now, I don’t know how those teachers do it all day, because I am already ready for a nap and it is only the afternoon!!

As always, I look forward to sharing more adventures on the farm with you next week and if you have any questions, concerns, comments etc, don’t hesitate to send me an email (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org)! Till next time, I hope you have a most wonderful week!!