Urban Farm Updates, August 31st, 2017

Urban Farm Updates, August 31st, 2017

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? One bushel of wheat weighs approximately 60lbs, and contains an average of 1,000,000 kernels of wheat?!! One bushel of wheat can be used to make an average of 60lbs of whole wheat flour, and can be made into roughly 45 (24oz) boxes of whole wheat cereal or 90 (1lb) loaves of whole wheat bread! That is pretty incredible!

What’s Growing On?!

First and foremost I want to apologize for the overall lack of farm photos this week. I realized when I tried to connect my camera to my computer this morning, that my USB cable wasn’t working, so I wasn’t able to download any of the images that I took later on this week. I was so excited to be able to share some of the progress on the farm, following the volunteer clean up that we had this past weekend, as well as the germination of most of my seedlings, that VISTA Cooper Gerus and I worked on last week. Unfortunately, I will have to invest in a new USB, and wait until next week to share those photos with you all.

IMPACT volunteers from USC Upstate.

I can share with you some photos of the crew of volunteers who came out from USC Upstate’s IMPACT volunteer team, to help out on the farm this past weekend, because they were awesome enough to share some of their photos with me. Between last weekend and this weekend, we got the 2 front linear beds along the face of the farm cleaned up and planted, and then we cleaned up some of the summer beds and reseeded them with radishes, beets and fennel.

Volunteers helping remove Morning Glory vines from the fence line along one side of the farm.

The crew also helped me to remove a considerable amount of Morning Glory vines which have grown up and over the fence into the farm. Morning Glory vines are highly invasive here, and can choke out plants by twisting around them, as well as deprive plants of sunlight by growing in thick patches over other plants. The girls helped me to remove all of the Morning Glorys from the farm, and hopefully I will be able to keep them back, especially as the weather cools off and weed growth is reduced. This sudden cool of has not been nice to my summer crops, but it has also helped to slow weed growth, and during a time of transition from summer crops to fall crops, that is a much needed change.

The crew helping to move compost to the newly cleared up beds.

I have also been keeping a close eye on the plug trays that Cooper and I seeded last week; they are germinating really well, and will hopefully be ready to transplant in another 4-5 weeks. In the meantime, I am preparing more beds, so that I can transplant out these seedlings when the time comes. I am excited for all of the fall crops that will hopefully be ready between Halloween and Christmas. The fall and winter are usually a time of year when the harvest from the garden drops off, and with these new fall crops, I am hoping that we will continue to get a good harvest through the end of the year! I am anticipating another mild winter, with a chilly January and February, so hopefully my cold crops will be well established by then. Fingers crossed that with some frost protection and an early start to the growing season, we will get a good harvest this year and next.

I hope that you all are staying warm and dry, through all of this wet weather this week. I look forward to sharing more photos with you next week, as I update you all on the progress of my seedlings, and the germination of the new direct seeded rows that we cleaned up on the 26th. Hopefully this rain will help speed up the germination process…. We just need a little bit of warm weather to finish it off, and then my little seedlings will be happy!

I will check in with you again next week! Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to check out the market!

Also, don’t forget about out upcoming Farm to Table fundraiser dinner, on September 29th! We will be having a 5 course dinner, with wine pairings, catered by the Farmer’s Table, and featuring produce from our vendors! It is going to be an awesome event, and I hope that you all will come out to help us to support the market and all that we do as an organization!! There is more information on our website, so be sure to check it out!

Talk to ya’ll again next week!