Urban Farm Updates, August 24th, 2017

Urban Farm Updates, August 24th, 2017

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? Hydroponic gardening uses less water to sustain each plant than traditional, conventional farming; and produces a higher annual yield compared to traditional, conventional farming. Because farmers traditionally grow their hydroponic plants in a greenhouse, they are also less susceptible to pests, and are not limited by the traditional growing season, compared to their relatives who are farmed out in open fields.

What’s Growing On?

It has been another busy week! We had the Open Farm Saturday this past Saturday, and had one awesome volunteer show up and help out! Thanks, Chris; you rock!!! My Mom and I brought our lawn mower out to the farm, and tried to get the place cleaned up a little bit, mowing between the rows and around the greenhouse. It was a busy day on the farm, and I am so grateful for the helpers that came! Every little bit makes a huge difference, and I enjoy being able to share the experience of agriculture with people and share any helpful knowledge that I might have!

Total Eclipse from Hub City

I hope that everyone got to appreciate the incredible Total Eclipse on Monday! First eclipse that I ever seen, and it was amazing! The moon is an incredibly powerful force, and it definitely influences how well plants grow. Farmers and growers have long grown by the moon’s cycles, and the guidance that you should be plant by a waxing moon, during the period from a New Moon to a Full Moon, and never planting during a waning moon. Which means that right now is a perfect time to be planting your little seedlings or seeds, having just had a new moon on Monday!

13lbs of Green Beans from the Urban Farm

My Green beans are really doing well so far, I have gotten 37 lbs of beans off of my plants so far this year, and my 40ft row has just begun producing recently. I am really happy with my decision to plant Rattlesnake Pole Beans for the first time this year! They grow really well and seem to produce really well, and the taste!! They are so sweet! Best fresh eating beans I have had so far!!

Monday, I spent a good deal of the day bent over harvesting, and wound up walking away with 13lbs of Green Beans, 7 1/2 lbs of Cherry Tomatoes, 2lbs of Peppers and 5lbs of Okra! Not bad for one days work. I could not be happier with my Cherry Tomato plants either; my total harvest for Cherry Tomatoes so far this year sits right around 54lbs, and the season is not over yet! I am excited to see how much they produce over the course of the entire year, and how long they will keep producing. I got the first harvest from them back in April, and they have continually produced since them, producing a little bit more every month!

Seed Trays getting started…

This week, as I have been preparing for the fall season, I have been re-developing my planting plan and making use of the new raised beds that I built in May. Then I went work preparing and filling 54 plug trays to be seeded for the fall, cold crops, as well as herbs. Because it is still a little warm inside the greenhouse, I am keeping the plug trays outside for now, and will be maintaining them outside until it cools off a little bit. Cooper Gerus, our VISTA, came over to the farm this morning to discuss some plans for farm programming, and helped me to seed some more trays… It was great to have the extra help, and it made the process go so much faster! After setting up and seeding 30 trays Yesterday, and then working on another 24 trays today, my back could use a break! The tarping along the back wall also served its’ purpose yesterday, when the site adjacent to the farm was sprayed with glyphosates. The tarp turned blue, but none of the spray came through and damaged any of my crops or new seed trays! Success!!!

Miss Gigail Petty!

I also had the immense blessing of getting to take my coworkers photo for the website, yesterday! Gigail Petty is such a wonderful new coworker, I feel so blessed to get to know her and work with her! We had a fun time trying to find a new, fun back drop for her photo, and I am so grateful that the weather was as beautiful as it was!! I am so thankful to my coworkers for letting me try my hand at portraiture, and for letting me take their photos for the website!


As always, I look forward to sharing more adventures from the farm again next week! If you have any questions or comments, please send me an email and let me know (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org)!!