Urban Farm Updates, April 12th, 2018

Urban Farm Updates, April 12th, 2018

Fun on the Farm!

Did you know? Pineapples will continue to soften after being harvested, but they will not get any sweeter after harvest. Sugar from the plant is stored in the fruit, so they don’t produce any more sugar after they are harvested. If you buy a really firm pineapple, try storing it upside down (balanced on the leafy greens, on the counter top) for several days. This will prevent the bottom from getting too soft, and will allow the whole fruit to ripen and evenly disperse the sugars.  

What’s Growing On?

There has been a lot of fun stuff going on at the Urban Farm this week! My Wofford students are back from spring break, and as the weather warms up, the farm chaos begins. We started out the spring by organizing and cleaning up the farm to try and keep things running smoothly when the spring/summer rush begins. Just as a reminder, I am keeping the blog dark (aka- no photos) for the next 2 weeks, and until the big reveal of the farm with all of the new changes on April 26th; after all of the new spring projects have been completed and all of the spring and summer crops have been transplanted, I will post photos of the site and you will get to see what we have been so busy working on this month! 

As a bit of a teaser: We pulled the Weed Wacker out and started to give the farm a bit of a face lift earlier this week, by trimming back some of the wayward weeds on the walkways and row edges. We have also been hardening off the majority of our spring and summer crops, and we started transplanting them in the ground this week. I have staggered some of my seed starts, to extend my harvest season, so I have transplanted some melons, cucumbers and summer squash, and am in the process of starting several trays of secondary seedlings as well. These secondary seedlings will be transplanted out in the ground over the next 3 to 4 weeks, so that the harvest will be offset from the early transplants. 

I am getting all prepped and organized for the volunteer crews that will be coming to the farm next weekend to help us create the Hillside Garden and Mary Black Foundation Educational Classroom. Volunteer crews from BASF and Spartanburg Water will be celebrating Earth Day out on the Urban Farm by helping us to create a 600+ square foot Hillside Garden overlooking the Butterfly Creek site, and installing a 17′ by 24′ Classroom Pergola. It is absolutely incredible, after a full year of planning and preparation, to see this finally come to fruition! I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is all happening, now! The winter season has just flown by, and we are already knee deep in springtime pollen! If it wasn’t for the uptick in seasonal allergies I might be tempted to think that we had somehow skipped an entire month! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year, and here we are hardening off Tomatoes and Peppers to transplant into the garden!

Well, I’m going to keep this blog short and sweet, because I have to get back out to the farm! But as always, I look forward to sharing more Urban Farm adventures with you again next week! Stay tuned for our big reveal in 2 weeks, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me (mwhiteley@hubcityfm.org). Thanks so much! Have a most wonderful spring weekend!

2 Weeks/14 days to the Big Reveal! Stay Tuned!