The 2015 Market Survey Results

The 2015 Market Survey Results

Back in the summer, we created a market survey to help us better understand what customers love about the market and what we can improve. We had over 230 responses, and got great feedback. We have already implemented a number of suggestions that showed up repeatedly, and are working on addressing many more.

We found it particular heartening to see the number of people who are using the market for their grocery shopping, as well as those who credited the market as a key part of their diet. Some of the responses surprised us, especially the strong response for the herbs and honey at the market. Almost 3/4 of our shoppers are new – having been regulars at our market for less than 3 years.

What’s it all mean? We take the direct feedback from this survey and get busy! We have been recruiting vendors specializing in honey, meat, eggs, and other key items. We are looking to improve the market experience, strengthen the sense of community, and give our farmers the feedback they need to grow more of what you want.

We want to share some of the data with the public. Key results include:


  • Nearly 2/3 of respondents said they use the market 2-3 times a month or more, almost 30% attend weekly
  • 70% of shoppers have been attending the market less than 3 years, about 30% are new to the market this year
  • 60% of shoppers indicated they are spending more money at the market than previous years; only 5% said they are spending less than before
  • Almost 45% of participants spend more than $30 a week at the market


  • About 15% of those surveyed indicated the market was their primary source of groceries
  • More than 75% of people stated that the market was a supplementary part of their grocery shopping
  • 1/3 noted the market was key to a healthy diet for them
  • 40% indicated they used the market to make a lifestyle change in their eating habits
  • Half the respondents shared that they used the market to buy specialty goods like heirloom crops
  • About the same number also said the market served as a means of community support and social interaction
  • A quarter of those surveyed said they came to the market as a family activity
  • Half of the participants said they either have used the extended market season (March-May or November-December) or will use the Winter Markets
  • Over 90% shared that knowing who grew their food was important or very important to them


  • People came to the market regularly for:
    • Produce – 97%
    • Value-added & baked goods – 72%
    • Eggs/dairy – 51%
    • Items consumed at the market – 45%
    • Meats – 42%
  • People shared that they wanted to buy, or wanted more availability of:
    • Honey – 73%
    • Herbs – 63%
    • Mushrooms – 51%
    • Eggs – 44%
    • Chicken – 40%