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Farmers’ Market April 1, 2017

Opening day is fun for the whole family! Presents 8:00 — Opening Bell 8:00-12:00 Kids activity with Converse College 8:00-12:00 Kids activity with Hub City Kids 8:00-12:00 Bounce House for Kids 8:00-12:00 Cooking Demos with Time to Taste Catering 8:00-12:00 Bryan Center- SC vocational rehab is in our Non-profit booth 8:00-12:00 Compost House 9:00-11:00 Live music with…
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The Year So Far, and What’s to Come

  Is it too early to say it? What a year! Seriously, it has been a heck of a ride for HCFM already this year. A friend stopped me the other day at The Coffee Bar (AKA everyone in downtown Spartanburg’s first or second office) and told me “I can’t believe all the great things…
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Farmers’ Market Week 12-June 13th

Guess who returns to the market this week? Presents West African Drummers return this Saturday! 8:00 — Opening Bell 8:00 — 12:00 Kids activity/craft with HCFM 8:00 — 12:00 Clemson Extension Master Gardners 8:00 — 12:00 Spartanburg Humaine Society 8:00 — 12:00 Kids Healthy Snacks with JLS- Keep the kids Hydrated this summer! 9:00 — 9:30 Bring your mats and come join the YMCA for a…
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What We’re Reading: Marco Canora’s “A Good Food Day”

Some people binge-watch TV shows on Netflix, I binge-listen to Heritage Radio Network (http://www.heritageradionetwork.org). I’m especially a big fan of the shows focusing on food, farming, and wine. Recently, I ran across a podcast on HRN featuring Chef Marco Canora. He was touting his new book, A Good Food Day, and his story really stuck with me.…
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3rd Farmer-Chef Networking Event

Bringing farmers, chefs, and others in the food system together to increase local food access!