Market Basics

Producer Only

All of the HCFM Markets are producer-only, meaning vendors sell only things they grow or produce themselves. HCFM staff conducts farm visits to ensure the origin of items offered by each vendor. Value-added and processed goods are required to be made from raw ingredients/materials and must be produced in a DHEC or SCDA certified kitchen.


  • Increase access to healthy, local, affordable food.
  • Help small, family farms & local artisans grow their business & create jobs.
  • Create great public spaces and amenities.
  • Bring people together.
  • Promote active lifestyles.
  • Highlight the diversity of Spartanburg.
  • Be self sustaining — help by becoming a Friend of the Market here.

Shopping Tips:

  • Check in at the HCFM tent to see what is going on that day, meet the team that is there to serve, and ask for things you did not see.
  • Come early for the best selection.
  • Talk to the vendors.
  • Ask questions about produce or items that are new to you (every question is worth asking!).
  • When in doubt, HCFM staff are happy to help you get answers.
  • If you do not have cash, the HCFM tent will sell you tokens all vendors accept, so you don’t have to rush to the ATM.
  • Bring the kids! The market is a family place, and you will see families grow up before your eyes.
  • Feel free to bring your own bags; HCFM also sells reusable totes.
  • Make a shopping list using the weekly email newsletter.
  • Dress accordingly- markets are open-air.
  • Bring a friend (or two); be prepared to make new friends.
  • Bring a cooler in the summer – this will keep your produce fresh.

Grow With Us!

Donations are always a great way to help us maintain and grow our market!

Donate Now

If you'd like more information on contributing through volunteering click here.

Double SNAP Program

The United Way of the Piedmont has once again generously sponsored a SNAP-matching program. Please see our SNAP page for details on how you can grow your shopping budget.