Seed to Table School Enrichment Program


   School Enrichment Program          “Growing the Young Minds of Tomorrow.” 

The Hub City Farmers Market Seed to Table school enrichment program is an elementary-based educational program. That seeks to educate students on the current process of food development and how those processes influence our decisions on making healthy food choices.

The Seed to Table school enrichment program offers affordable lessons on healthy food cultivation and consumption and engaging children through a hands-on curriculum in the classroom. As well as experiential learning on our Urban Farm. Lessons incorporate K-5 state and national nutrition standards, following the South Carolina curriculum based guidelines in the areas of science, math, and English. As well as offering in-school lessons and activities on healthy food choices that are based on the national MyPlate nutrition standards

The Seed to Table program is currently offering lessons to all 7 Spartanburg district elementary schools. This program can be tailored to meet the individual needs of schools or can be ran as a camp. Program fees start at just $1/child.

To view activities and prices access the Teacher Resource Guide below: 

Teacher Resource Guide

We are currently accepting new applications for summer 2019 and upcoming 2019-2020 school year!