Nellie T’s Kitchen

Nellie T’s Kitchen

It’s February and that means Valentines day! How many of us show love to our family and friends with food? I know I always make my son a heart shaped cake for Valentines day! Kathy O’Neal from Nellie T’s Kitchen says she has always “loved” people with food.

Before Kathy started Nellie T’s she was working  for Fluor.  Fluor sent her all over the world including Afghanistan, for a year and a half. While in Afghanistan she occasionally prepared food for some of the 175 employees there with her. Cooking for others made her happy.  Once back in the United States, Kathy was feeling restless and dissatisfied with her life. She wanted to start her own business but didn’t have a clear vision or economic plan for how to make that work. Months had passed when a friend called and asked her to make a bowl of pimento cheese. Instantly she knew that making pimento cheese was what she was supposed to be doing! Kathy retired from Flour and with the love and support of her husband, Randy,  Nellie T’s, LLC was born!

Nellie T’s has grown to include not only gourmet pimento cheese but 3 different kinds of nut butters, pralines and bottled Tea.  You can find Kathy or her husband at Hub City Farmers’ Market every market day. They have only been in business for a year, but in addition to the Farmers Market you can find their products at 30 Bi-Lo stores, Ingles and Lowes Foods.

I am thrilled, that despite their success with grocery stores, they still plan on coming to the Market for the 2016 season.  We love having them there. When I asked Kathy why they chose Hub City Farmers market she said,  “The vendors. We love the comradery between the vendors and the staff. We don’t see that at other markets.”

I need to pick up some pimento cheese for my Valentines, how about you?