Harp and Shamrock Croft

Harp and Shamrock Croft

image1There has been a lot of talk about the lottery lately. What would you do if you suddenly came into millions? Do you love your job enough to continue doing it if you became a billionaire or even millionaire? Most of us would probably say no. I love my job with the market but if I had millions you probably wouldn’t find me hauling tables around Harvest Park at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning. I would still be around though, in one capacity or another. You aren’t going to get rid of me that easy! I’ve come to understand that farming isn’t like other jobs, at least not for most farmers I know, and certainly not for the Callahan family of Harp and Shamrock Croft Farm. It gets in their blood. Despite the hard work, and it is hard work, they do it for the love of it. When I talked with Jenni Callahan today she joked that a lottery win would only help them farm more easily.

In 2003, Paul and Jenni moved to Washington DC so Paul could take a job on Capital Hill.   They lived up there for several years focusing on Paul’s career and growing their family. They shopped the farmer’s market in DC and did some container gardening but hadn’t caught the farming bug yet.  After a few years in DC the opportunity came to tour some farms in the low country of South Carolina. That is where his love of farming developed.  Paul and Jenni began researching farming and dreaming of a different life for their family. (That now includes 4 children!) Shortly after his low country visit Paul decided to move his growing family back home to South Carolina and start Harp and Shamrock Croft Farm.

Established in 2013, their small 3-acre farm  with currently only a 1-acre growing area is located in Spartanburg county.  Despite the small growing area they were able to produce an impressive 2500 pounds of produce last season. They have plans in the works to expand their growing area for next spring, adding a second greenhouse and will be offering eggs for the first time. The Callahans’ interest in farming doesn’t stop with making a profit from what they grow and becoming self-sustaining, they also want to move into education.  Workshops and webinars are in Jenni and Paul’s future. They have a strong desire to teach other people how to do what they do.

I’m always curious why  farmers and customers choose Hub City Farmers Market. When I asked Jenni She said, “We love Hub City. The people in Spartanburg are serious about their Market. It is small but it has a family feel and a real sense of community. It is my happy place.”   So, tell me, why do you choose Hub City Farmers Market?