Get Moving to the Market (and get paid)!

Get Moving to the Market (and get paid)!




Hey — get moving!

Hub City Farmers’ Market is thrilled to offer a “get moving” incentive for people to enjoy at the market. Through a generous gift from the Mary Black Foundation, we are offering a $5 incentive (in market tokens) for anyone who comes to the market using an active living method. Here’s how it works:

1) Walk, jog, bike, rollerblade, hop, skip, or jump to the Saturday Market at Northside Harvest Park (498 Howard Street).

2) Check in at the HCFM table — let us know how you got to the market.

3) Fill out a small amount of paperwork.

4) Get your tokens.

5) Buy something awesome.

6) Repeat until we the promotion ends in August!

It’s that simple! Really!

We will follow up later to get some more information about your experience coming to the market, how we can improve the active living experience here and across town, and what you did with your incentive.

Get paid to get fresh local food? Yes, please!

A few catches:

1) 1 incentive per market per person, please.

2) The incentive is good for each person who participates, so the infant in arms is really cute, but probably didn’t walk or bike to the market. Sorry!

3) Walking from the parking lot is active, but a little counter-intuitive to what we’re trying to incentivize. Try again.

4) You can use this incentive with other market incentives, like Double SNAP.

5) The tokens are good for anything available at the market, but may not be redeemed for cash.

6) It’s great you rode your bike to the market last year, but we’re trying to live in the present.

7) We reserve the right to adjust the program as necessary.


In just 2 weeks, we have had over 150 miles traveled!


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