Colors of the Season

Colors of the Season

Great thoughts from our friends at Spartanburg Regional!

Colors of the Season

Mama always said to eat carrots “for your eyes.” Well, as usual, it seems that Mama was on the right track.

Carotene, the pigment responsible for the beautiful orange color of carrots and many other fruits and vegetables, has been shown to delay the onset of macular degeneration (the leading cause of vision loss among those 65 and older).

However, carrots are not the only source. Several seasonal produce picks are rich in this nutrient.

To increase your consumption of carotenoids, choose sweet potatoes over white potatoes and consider including pumpkin in your favorite recipes. Leafy green vegetables and tomatoes are also great sources of carotenoids. Kale, spinach, turnip and mustard greens all pack a powerful punch, and canned tomato products can further increase your color consumption.

So as the leaves become more colorful, consider adding some color to your diet as well!

Carole Mabry, MS, RD, LD

Clinical Nutrition Manager

Spartanburg Medical Center