Why Connecting Farmers to Chefs Matters to Everyone

Tuesday we host our 3rd networking session between farmers, chefs, value-added producers, and retail food buyers – details here. On Tuesday, we will convene a small networking session between the growing and cooking ends of the food system. Representatives from the Co-op, Farmer’s Table, and several other retail/restaurants will be on hand to source local…
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Thoughts on Winter Markets

As we dig in for a brief splash of winter, I am thinking of an old friend who drove down from Vermont to visit her daughter in Asheville last weekend. She teased all of us about the “warm” weather she noticed in North Carolina, and how she put her windows down to enjoy the sun.…
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2015: What’s New at HCFM?

  This year, starting with Opening Day on March 28, we celebrate our 10th season of hosting markets. Who could have imagined the little market that started with 6 vendors would blossom into a community fixture? Truly, great things can grow from small seeds.   As we head into this new market year, we want…
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