Author: Cooper Gerus

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July, the penultimate in my VISTA year has been an absolute delight. Regarding my last blog post, I tried my first peach cobbler in South Carolina. A friend had me over to her Grandma Ada’s for Sunday dinner, we had cobbler for dessert. I can now say that southern peach cobbler can’t be beat. As…
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Just Peachy

This month I’ve been fortunate to celebrate several accomplishments, both personal and with my VISTA service. There has been a lot of positive momentum in the last month, and it is kind of heartbreaking that I only have one month left to go. In some ways I feel like I am just hitting my stride. …
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May Flowers

I celebrated my 23rd trip around the sun this month as the market surged ahead into the height of the growing season. Often the busiest time of year for farmers across the country, May deals inconsistent temperatures, patchy rainfall, and scorching sun that can make or break a farmer’s crop. All the while preparing for…
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April Showers

This month we’ve turned up the heat at the market. With spring hot on our heels it’d been a challenge getting everything organized for the upcoming season. Summer is the busiest time of year for HCFM and our farmers. After going home to Baltimore for Easter, I returned to Spartanburg to find everything in bloom.…
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Marching on

Winter Markets have finally come to a close! After three glorious winter months with Ciclops Cyderi and Brewery as our gracious host, its time to return to Northside Harvest Park. As we reflect on the winter, we think of the successes of our farmers, and the satisfaction of our customers with the goods they were…
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