3 Easy Ways to Use SNAP at the Farmer’s Market

3 Easy Ways to Use SNAP at the Farmer’s Market


Did you know that the Hub City Farmer’s Market (Spartanburg) accepts SNAP as a form of payment for fresh produce? You can even double the amount you can spend at the farmer’s market at hardly any cost.

I found out by accident that I can spend my SNAP benefits at Hub City. My family and I had made the choice to sacrifice and be low income while I was a full-time student. I worked part-time and had two small children, and so I was eligible for SNAP. I just happened to go to Hub City with my dad, and I found out at that market, I could use my SNAP/EBT card. There was a table at the market to help set me up, and so I started shopping. I’ve been shopping there ever since.

At Hub City, here’s how you can use your SNAP benefits:

  1. SNAP/EBT Card – Use your card to get tokens equal to the cash amount you want to spend.
  2. Double SNAP Program – Spend $40 in SNAP and get up to $40 in tokens from Hub City and the United Way of the Piedmont. (On your first visit, get up to $20. On the second visit, get up to $30. On your third visit and all future visits, get up to $40.)
  3. Healthy Bucks Program – Spend $5 in SNAP and get $10 in tokens from Hub City and the SC Department of Social Services.

Participating in these programs is easy:

  1. Go to the Hub City Farmer’s Market and find the Market Management Booth.
  2. Tell us you want to participate in the Double SNAP and Healthy Bucks programs.
  3. Staff will enter you into the program(s) and give you SNAP tokens for the amount you want to spend plus the amount you’re eligible to receive from the program(s).

One of the great things about using SNAP at the farmer’s market is that you can buy more than just fruits and vegetables. Hub City has other SNAP-eligible products like breads, cereals, meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, and even seeds and plants that produce food.

I’m at Hub City every Saturday morning signing up new SNAP customers. Take it from me; SNAP is a blessing, not a curse. Hub City Farmer’s Market is for everyone. I encourage all of Spartanburg’s SNAP users to visit Hub City and take advantage of the fresh, local produce available to you and your family.

Come see me at the Market,