17 Things to Do on a Snow Day (Grown-Up Edition)

17 Things to Do on a Snow Day (Grown-Up Edition)

Seriously, what is up with Snow Day in the South?

I will be the first to admit it: Southerners typically have a pretty short memory when it comes to snow. We kind of lose our mind, turn one-part giddy school-kid, one-part restless adult when the snow piles up (truth in advertising, it is cloudy and snow-free at the moment, but I hear tell of 6+ inches of snow on the way). So, if you have made the obligatory run to the store, loaded up on bread, milk, and other staples, and now you want to do something besides watching the weather forecast, shopping online, or checking Facebook (again), let me offer a few suggestions for the grown-ups out there who do not have to mind kids (if you’re like me with kids running around, good luck). Here are 17 things you can do once the snow starts:

1) Listen to the Snow Fall: First thing I planned to do when I heard we were expecting a thick, wet snowfall was to plan a little “me time” on the porch, bundled up and listening to the snow fall. Few things in life relax me as much as that quiet whisper of snow.

2) Make Snow Cream: Ok, it is a Snow Day, right? You have the ingedients you need, more than lSnow creamikely (and yes, the link does mention adding rum, we aren’t advocating, we just aren’t censoring). Check out this link to find out all you need to know about making snow cream. You can also use honey as a sugar substitute.

3) Find a Volunteer Opportunity: The United Way of the Piedmont has a great volunteer connection page. There Volunteering-SVGare dozens of opportunities there to apply your skills to organizations who really need it! We aren’t on there, but if you want to shovel snow at the Urban Farm, we’d love your help!

4) Check on a Neighbor: Hey, maybe “joining” isn’t your thing. Still, it’s cold out there, and just because you were smart enough to buy 6 loaves of bread and 3 gallons of milk doesn’t mean someone nearby was. Besides, what are you really going to do now that you cornered the milk market?

5) Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle: Even if it isn’t your thing, a puzzle sometimes offers your mind an escape from the daily routine. Don’t have any at home? Believe it or not, they have apps for that, too, and online puzzles aren’t too bad.

6) Imagine What You Want to See in Spartanburg: Check out “What If Spartanburg” and add a few thoughts on what you’d like to see in your community.

7) Check Out Some Cool Podcasts About Food: I mean, you love food, right? Here are some thought-provoking, fun podcasts to check out while the snow falls.

8) Start Making Plans for Spring: It really is coming, I promise. Maybe check out this cool video from Partners for Active Living on the Criterium, and start making plans to be there!

9) Write a Budget: Hey, just because it’s Snow Day doesn’t mean you can’t be a little productive! I’m committing to writing a budget on Snow Day, it might be after that snow cream (draw what conclusion you like). Get some help here.

10) Learn from a Meteorologist: The difference here, however, is you will learn about our friends at SPACE from Dan Bickford. Check out this sharp video.

11) Exercise, Inside or Outside: You burn a lot of calories in the cold, just make sure you dress warmly, in layers, and pay attention to your body. If you stay inside, here are a few tips.

12) Write a Letter: Not a text, not an email, an honest to goodness letter (a variant of JK Simmons demand wewriting call our folks). You might be surprised the power a handwritten note has, or you might be horrified at how poor your handwriting has become (I’m typing this blog for more than one reason, folks).

13) Clean Out a Cupboard: My dad had a can of beets in his pantry for nearly 20 years. It became a running joke in our family. There are loads of groups in Spartanburg who can benefit from your unused food (20 year old beets aside). Clean out that pantry, and consider someone like Mobile Meals, Upstate Family Resource Center, Total Ministries, or others as a destination.

14) Check Out Morgan Square’s Webcam: It’s awesome, and it will be beautiful! It’s available on the GoUpstate site.

15) Or One of the Best Kept Secrets in Spartanburg County: Did you know the Middle Tyger YMCA has a world-class facility and swim team? They are the real deal!

16) Learn About Support Spartanburg County: It’s a cool event from the Spartanburg County Foundation coming May 5, and we want as many people involved as possible.

17) Comment, Respond, and Share This Post: Hey, you think you have a great Snow Day idea? Let’s hear it? Know someone bored to tears? Share this post with them. New here? Feel free to poke around, and learn about HCFM, too!

Here’s wishing you a warm, safe, fun day off. If you have kids, enjoy them enjoying the snow. The Saturday market returns March 28 — we hope we see you then!






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  1. Sarah says:

    I love those suggestions! I used to listen to the snow when I lived out west, but I haven’t here. Man! I missed my opportunity! I’m all about the productivity though!

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